Maxidus Info

Maxidus Information

What is Maxidus?

Maxidus is a powerful male enhancement supplement which contains 100% natural ingredients.
It has been formulated specifically to boost your sex drive within a few short minutes, enhance your sexual performance and as a bonus side-effect it can promote your overall health.

The manufacturers claim that Maxidus can increase the length and girth of your erection, maintain hardness even after orgasm and desensitise your erection to avoid premature ejaculation. Your lady will soon see you as a sex god!

Maxidus also claims to solve a host of male sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction , low libido or a weak erection.


Maxidus Ingredients

  • Eurycoma Longifolia (154 mg) – Potent herbal aphrodisiac
  • Flos Catharmi (24.5 mg) – Increases blood circulation to genitals and relieves pain
  • Rhizoma Cucurmae Longae (49 mg) – Increases the flow of “qi” to genital area and relieves pain
  • Ginkgo Biloba (49 mg) – Increases oxygen flow to the organs, including the brain! May also strengthen the heart, lungs, skin and genital organs
  • Herba Epimedii (24.5 mg) – Treats impotence, reinforces seminal emission
  • Momordica charantia L (Ku Gua)(30.0mg) (30.0mg) -  Reduces body fat thereby increasing body testosterone levels. Provides Vitamin C and promotes anti-HIV activity
  • Herba Cistanches (24.5 mg) – A “tonic” herb that enhances sexual function, treats impotence,and strengthens the back and knees
  • Astragalus Membranaceus (24.5 mg) – Boosts “qi” and helps to accelerate new tissue growth
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Maxidus Even Gets Thumbs Up!

Maxidus are fast-acting pills which start to work in 10 minutes and can last for up  to 4 days, depending on your personal  health condition. Maxidus claims to be “the most powerful male enhancer in the world”.

Buy using Maxidus, you can potentially have greater sex, give your lady greater pleasure and most importantly, Maxidus will enable you to satisfy your women exactly the way she needs.

Maxidus Dosage:

1 – 2 pills 10 to 30 minutes before having sex.
Warning : Do not take more than 2 Maxidus within 24hrs.

Further Maxidus Information

Maxidus is a potent and powerful herbal male enhancement pill that has been used by over 10 million men worldwide.

It will heighten your sex drive, solve erectile difficulties and boost your libido.

Due to it being a natural and herbal product, it does not have any side effects unlike many of the ED drugs which your doctor may prescribe.

You do not need a prescription for Maxidus, so no embarrassing visits to the clinic or chemist are required.

So why is Maxidus so effective?

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Maxidus Acts Fast And Lasts Long

The secret to it’s success is in the quality of the natural herbal ingredients which are clinically proven to work.

These potent herbs have been used for centuries to combat impotence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low libido.
The result is stronger and harder erections plus increased sexual performance and excitement.

If you currently suffer from either weak erections, low libido or low sex drive then you may try to avoid sexual encounters as much as possible.
This leads to low self-esteem, lack of confidence, depression and anxiety. This affects both you and partner who is being frequently left disappointed.

Do you want Stronger and Harder Erections?
Do you want to increase your stamina and performance in bed?
Are you fed-up of disappointing your partner ?
Why risk failure? Order Maxidus Today!


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